Outwood Grange Family of Schools

The decision that The City School will convert to academy status has already been taken by the Secretary of State. This consultation process is to listen to the views of local people and other key stakeholders regarding their expectations of Outwood Grange Academies Trust and provide clarity by answering any questions that stakeholders may have.

The key stakeholder group includes pupils, parents, school staff, Trade Union Representatives, feeder primary schools, the parents of children in feeder primary schools, other local secondary school headteachers, The City Community Learning Trust, local councillors and the Local Authority.

This consultation period will run from 1st April 2013 to 30th June 2013.

Consultation Timeline

Views and opinions

The IEB (Interim Executive Board with City Community Learning Trust Board representation) considered potential Academy Sponsors put forward by the DFE. In February 2013, the DfE, in agreement with the IEB, Sheffield City Council, and The City Community Learning Trust Board approached Outwood Grange Academies Trust to sponsor The City School to convert to an academy.

We would welcome your views and suggestions on how we can ensure that the academy fully embraces the aspirations of all students, parents, partner schools and the community. To view the full consultation booklet, click here. A hard copy is also available from reception.

Your comments in relation to the academy conversion are earnestly sought and any questions you raise will be shared via the questions area of this site and fed into the consultation process.